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The industry has shifted from offline retail to online and mobile - data and analysis has therefore become key for game development and monetisation.

As the key determinant for economic success in the Gaming Industry naturally lies in the User Experience, in times of increasing free-to-play mobile/online gaming and in-game monetisation, the (real-time) analysis of users’ in-game behavior has become the foundation of sustainable profitability for Gaming companies. Monitoring users’ engagement level along with their in-game money spending play a key role in game optimisation and monetisation. The analysis of user data further allows to predict gamers’ lifetime value and for the personalized advertising and marketing of in-game features and add-ons. Moreover, in-game data is used to optimize the overall user experience to ensure that users stay (financially) engaged. Another important cornerstone in keeping users engaged lies in the detection of fraud and identity theft.

Taken together, Data science is playing a crucial role in the gaming industry by providing insights that can optimize the gaming experience and drive business growth. Examples of its applications implemented by us include:

  • Game development: Using data science to analyze player behavior, identify patterns and trends, and make predictions to optimize the game and enhance player engagement

  • Social and Customer Analysis: By analyzing player (in-game) behavior, Data Science can help to understand player perceptions and develop strategies for creating more successful products and predicting purchasing decisions & customers’ lifetime value

  • Personalized Marketing: By collecting data on player behavior, data science can help to target marketing messages more effectively, resulting in increased player activity

  • Fraud Detection: Using data science to detect fraudulent behavior and identity theft, a common problem in the virtual gaming world

For inspiration, feel free to browse through some of the highlighted case studies below.

Nader Hemaidan


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