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The Network
behind DataWrk

We are a close-knit network of proven, pragmatic and independent data professionals, focused on delivering outstanding work for Private Equity investors. We have a unique organisation, best expressed in our handbook.

Consultants Handbook


We unite driven, self-determined and versatile data professionals to unlock their potential in a network of equals - for the benefit of our clients, ourselves and the world we share.


We aim at establishing the fairest, most fun and most effective way of working for people who use data to create positive change.


UNIFIED: We treat our members' projects like our own. We do not hesitate to cover, step in and support when needed. We share knowledge, help each other out and spend time face-to-face.

EGALITARIAN: We share equal control over strategic decisions and have equal access to resources and information. We believe in complete transparency and we do not believe in scaling with outside capital.

FREE-SPIRITED: We are free to pick our projects and to set our day rates, inside or outside the network. We are confident in our professional judgement and ability to deliver great value.

MISSION-DRIVEN: We will burn this ship if we don't make the world a better place - or at least a bit fairer and more fun. We are humble, honest and thoughtful professionals, looking for more than just money.

Honor Code

Our Honour Code is directly derived from our values and ensures that we deliver high value to our clients and collaborate with each other to reach our full professional potential.

  • We value our reputation over money

  • We ask more questions than offer opinions

  • We never hesitate to humbly suggest solutions

  • We are polite and authentic with clients and other members

  • We are transparent on progress, hours and challenges 


As a member, you are part of something bigger, while maintaining your freedom and independence. We are seeking to combine the best of the freelance lifestyle, with some elements of the company structure, like community and equity potential.

Admission criteria

  • Equivalent of 3+ years of full-time work experience in relevant fields

  • Unconditional recommendation of at least one other member

  • Full dedication to our Vision, Mission and Values our Honor Code

  • Fulfilling one out of the two:

    • Unconditional recommendation of at least one past client

    • Proven track record of sustained contributions to the open-source, open-data or data-for-good communities


  • Membership in a network of equals

  • Invitation to events and opportunities to exchange ideas

  • Access to new, and potentially joint project opportunities when they are shared and discussed in the network

  • Partial access to shared resources, like mail addresses, slack channels, secure cloud storage and knowledge management platform

  • Contribution to the success of the network

  • Adherence to Vision, Mission and Values our Honor Code

Crew Membership

After the successful completion of a year as part of the network and a project with DataWrk, members have the option of deepening their commitment to the network by becoming a member of the "Crew".

  • Payment of monthly fee to cover fixed costs

  • Full access to shared resources, like mail addresses, slack channels, secure cloud storage and knowledge management platform

  • A voice and vote in the organisation and development of the network. We maintain our “constitution” over on Github and vote on all changes

  • A slice of the equity pie. Time and money invested in the success of the network is tracked and recognised from the moment of the materialisation of the equity pledge

Equity pledge

  • We promise to share equity in a fair, transparent manner with all crew members who committed themselves and contributed to our vision, mission and values

  • The size of the equity share each member will receive will reflect all of his/her past contributions - both time and material contributions

We believe that DataWrk should be owned by the people who are building it. The crew decides when and how equity is distributed among the members, guided by the following equity pledge:

We add data professionals to our network we know and trust personally.

However, we welcome your questions and feedback.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us. 


Network Ambassador Germany

Lukas Bretzinger

  • LinkedIn
Chris Pike - UK & France - Data Expertise for Private Equity

Network Ambassador UK & France

Chris Pike

  • LinkedIn
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