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Data Expertise
for Private Equity

We help Private Equity investors identify and realise the data potential in their existing and prospective portfolio companies.

What the Companies say

"During the pandemic, the market we are in started to behave in unprecedented ways. DataWrk was able to provide us with a small team of data-experts which was able to rapidly assess and understand the situation, work through our available data and make sense of it all. The experience was nothing but seamless and we have already reached out for some follow-on work."

Kit Wisdom, Operations Director, Tusker

 Unlock top-line growth  
  by leveraging your data

Data Expertise for Private Equity | Portfolio & Marketing ROI Analysis

Data-Driven Pricing

Implement optimal pricing strategies by fusing data with our deep understanding of modern pricing methodologies.

Data Expertise for Private Equity | Portfolio & Marketing ROI Analysis

Chatbots for your custom data with RAGs

Turn your text data (e.g. FAQs) into a powerful chatbot giving your customers answer on point.

Data Expertise for Private Equity | Portfolio & Marketing ROI Analysis

Churn, Cross- and Upselling

Treat your customers like you know them - because you do, with data and analytics.

Data Expertise for Private Equity | Portfolio & Marketing ROI Analysis

Location Analytics

Uncover geographical factors driving your business and find your optimised spots for your touchpoints and ads.

Data Expertise for Private Equity | Portfolio & Marketing ROI Analysis

Portfolio & Marketing ROI Analysis

Find out how, when and where to place your products in order to boost their marketing potential.

Data Expertise for Private Equity | Portfolio & Marketing ROI Analysis

Management Intelligence & KPIs

Combine analytics and visualisation to gain actionable insights into your business.

  Provide robust insights 
for your decisions  

 Drive value creation 
  by leveling up your tech

Cloud Architecture & MLOps

Cloud Architecture & MLOps

Make the data side of your business as cost-effective, robust and scalable as it should be.

IoT & Streaming Analytics

IoT & Streaming Analytics

Upgrade your physical capital and monitor its movement, performance and quality.

End-to-End Data & AI Products

End-to-End Data & AI Products

Build data and AI tools to scale you business and turn cost- into profit-centers.

More often than not, industry specific knowledge is key.
Our consultants have worked across a wide number of industries. 

We have the industry expertise  

Private Equity

Integrate datasets to source higher quality leads earlier and faster, and develop data-driven value-creation plans to capture immediate data and analytics opportunities.

Energy & EVs

Apply data analytics and AI to uncover new customer insights, enhance their experience, manage resources more efficiently and improve regulatory compliance.

Banking & Insurance

Leverage the use of data analytics and AI to improve customer experience and retention, increase up-and product cross-selling, reduce risks and operational costs.

Retail & Consumer

Use data analytics and AI to increase individualisation and efficiency across marketing, sales, pricing and operations in today’s challenging consumer environment.

Health & Pharma

Apply data analytics and AI to diagnose, discover, treat, manage and produce better - with the end goal of better health outcomes and resource efficiency.


Apply data analytics and AI to personalise the customer experience in pre-sales and aftermarket, better forecast demand, optimise operations and improve services.


The industry has shifted from offline retail to online and mobile - data and analysis has therefore become key for game development and monetisation.


Apply AI and analytics to monitor and predict machine usage and maintenance, optimise your supply chain and improve product scheduling and sales forecasting.

Why work with us?

We are a close-knit  network of proven and pragmatic data professionals, combining accountability and specialism of a niche data consultancy with the flexibility of a talent marketplace.

Feasible Projects Only
We vet each project for deliverability and will turn down work where we don’t feel our network can add material commercial value.

Flexible and Agile
We deliver excellence at a fraction of the cost of traditional consultancies, whether that is day rate, project rate or results-only work.

Right Skills for the Job
Companies benefit from the best Data Analysts, Scientists, Engineers or MLOps and Cloud Specialists through our vetted network, meaning you get the right skills for the project. 

Scalable on-demand
We can flexibly scale up and scale down a multidisciplinary team for your project. With only senior specialists in our network, everyone hits the ground running.

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